MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier


The Pognae MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier is your one-stop babywearing solution, with endless options to keep your hands free and your baby feeling close and secure. Use MAX 4-in-1 as a wrap, hip seat, baby carrier or a hip seat carrier.

  • Suitable from newborn (~3.5kg) to 3 years (or 20kgs). 
  • Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy carrier
  • Mesh newborn shawl attachment
  • 2 interchangeable belts (baby carrier belt & hipseat belt)
  • Shoulder strap attachment
  • Bamboo fibre teething pads
  • Sleeping hood 

Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in a shaded and well-ventilated area. If washing the hipseat belt, please remember to take out the foam seat base prior to washing. 

Please see the instruction manual for additional washing instructions and cautions. 

Denim Beige
Denim Grey
Dark Grey
Indi Blue
Denim Blue

Ultimate All-in-One Baby Carrier

MAX the ultimate babywearing solution, providing you with endless options. It can be used as a wrap/slinghipseatbaby carrier and hipseat carrier. Interchange and adjust how you wear your baby as you need.

Everything You Need

MAX is the only babywearing solution you need from birth to toddlerhood.


The most comfortable way to cuddle a newborn. The soft mesh fabric is designed to provide excellent ventilation to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby.

MAX Hipseat

MAX Hipseat has a ventilated silicon base that prevents the baby from slipping. Use the hipseat for easy ons and offs at the park and at home.

MAX Baby Carrier

Use the MAX baby carrier when your baby is 3-4 months old. Adjustable seat width for inward and forward facing to ensure your baby's hips are protected.

MAX Hipseat Carrier

Interchange to the hipseat carrier for additional support whilst carrying your growing baby or toddler.

Keep cool all year long

Adjustable mesh back panel: Double layer mesh for the cooler days. Roll down to reveal single layer mesh for the summer time to keep your baby cool and ventilated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cameron Thom (Epping, Australia)
Modern ergonomic design which my newborn loves

I bought the 4-in-1 baby carrier and love the entire set. The design is well thought out, providing plenty of space for both baby and parent and it was packed great to be space efficient. The 4-in-1 allows sling to carrier as the baby grows and my newborn was extremely comfy and fell asleep almost instantly.

I would highly recommend, would buy again and a little sad I missed out on the denim colours!

Jenny (Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Malaysia)
The best carrier you’ll ever use

I’ve tried various brands, even bought the famous competitor Ergo and have come back to this one because of how versatile it is to use from newborn to toddler. Neither one of my two kids would sit or sleep in other carriers (they’re both eczema sufferers as well as contact nappers so comfort and breathability/staying cool is so important for their skin and their sleep!), but they will sleep in this pognae. I’ve even been able to wear my kids in this carrier while holidaying in Japan and walking 20,000 steps a day so know that it holds well for your back and allows you to bring your kids anywhere and everywhere with peace of mind knowing your children will be happy in it whether awake or asleep :)

On top of that, because my kids like sitting on its sturdy seat, I can wear them around the house while I do chores like vacuuming, laundry and so on. So to all the mummies who feel like they can’t do anything around the home cos of their clingy children, this Carrier lets you do both! :)

Highly recommend this pognae as all its parts let you transition with each stage of your baby’s growth and it really gives us parents so much freedom and flexibility in our lifestyle while including our children in our day to day activities. It’s pricey but worth every penny as you’ll use it every day like I do :)

C. (Leppington, Australia)
Amazing carrier!!! Best Investment

Absolutely love this carrier! I can do everything with my baby in it. From going down to the shops, walks, or just carry around the house and getting chores done. Very easy to put iton even with no help.  I used the wrap and now the carrier religiously since she was 1 week old.  The carrier has great back support and good wide hips position for my little one.  It is super comfortable for both of us.  She falls asleep every time when we are out.   The material is light and breathable, so it works well in hot days. I also love the colour, it's beautiful... Overall it is a fantastic product and will highly recommend to my friends. 

Andy P (Oxley, Australia)
Best product, worth the price for sure!

We are new mum & dad to be and my wife did lots of research for baby carrier. New Max 4 in 1 is surely the best purchases we did for baby. We are so happy to get everything including hip seat and shawl with the price of carrier. Love the quality and every details especially the side pocket. We love the fact there are so many different ways to carry with just one product. If you are looking for baby carrier f or your new born then this is all you need!
We can’t wait to use for our baby when he comes out in December!

Anonymous (Sydney, Australia)
Pleasantly surprised

Received last week, love this set. Craftsmanship amazing and I like how you can use it in so many different ways… can’t wait to use it but need to wait for another few weeks until arrival of our baby. Photo showing the back panel ventilation which hubby particularly impressed with. Will update review once we actually get to use it!


Premium quality, easy and comfortable to use.


Best ever

Shel (Sydney, Australia)
Great carrier I love it!

I used other brands carriers before but I love this Pognae carrier! It’s so easy to use and it includes everything you need to carry the baby from newborn to toddler!

Anit Thapaliya (Gwangmyeong-si, South Korea)
It’s Awesome

Referred by a KOREAN Friend of mine. It is indeed good. Thanks Pognae!

Ivy (Bullarook, Australia)
Well made and great design

Love the openings vents to cool the bub. Great colour options. Neck support is sturdy. Only minor complaints with the design is unlike the baby bjorn you can adjust the busy length so smaller babies get sunken at your chest level and can’t look out. Also hard to clip if you’ve got wrist pain as you need to twist your wrist to clip the back (it’s the part the holds the carrier together). But overall great buy.