Safety & Quality

Safety First

All POGNAE hipseat baby carriers are manufactured under stringent quality control standards,and have been approved by the following global safety standards:

The CE mark stands for "Conformity to European" - a required certification in exporting products to the European Union. Products which have acquired the CE mark are ones that comply with standard qualifications in Europe in terms of safety and health for consumers, hygiene, and protection of the environment. POGNAE Hipseat Carriers have passed this certification. CE (EN71-3).

The SGS safety standard is an European test standard for detecting harmful chemical elements. POGNAE Hipseat Carriers have passed this certification. SGS (EN13209-2:2005).


Acknowledged by the International

Hip Dysplasia Institude as a 'Hip-Healthy' Product for your baby.

Pognae Hipseat Baby Carrier - Hip Healthy

baby carrier by Pognae hipseat healthy

 Pognae hipseat baby carriers have been designed and manufactured according to the recommendations put forth by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). The baby sits on the hipseat in the M-position where the thighs are spread around the carer's torso, with hips bent and the knees are at level with the buttocks with thighs supported. 

Our No.5 and ORGA Hipseat Baby Carrier collections have been acknowledged by the IHDI as a hip-healthy product, when used as directed. 


Be rest assured that POGNAE makes the safest and most comfortable hipseat baby carriers for you and your baby.