Why Pognae?

We absolutely pride ourselves on the quality of our products. In fact, Pognae has been producing baby carriers since 2005. We do everything in-house - from planning, development, design and manufacturing. Everything is done in our home base of South Korea, including production. We also produce our baby carriers according to international standards, including the International Hip Dysplasia Association, to ensure that our products are safe for the baby and the parent. 

In the recent years, with hipseats gaining increased popularity, there had been a lot of other brands emerging in the market selling baby carriers that look very similar to Pognae. However, most of the cheaper "alternatives" have been massed produced at an extremely low cost in China. Some of the "copy-cat" hipseats have a very wide seat base, which may be harmful to a young baby's hip development. Many are also advertised with a maximum carry load of 20kgs, but because of its cheaply-made quality, the product is not as durable and may break or tear easily. 

The founding father (now actually a grandfather himself) of Pognae, who has a keen interest in fabrics, continue to source the best material for our brand. We use certified 100% organic cotton whenever cotton is used on our baby carriers. All of our materials used have been tested for harmful substances (OEKO-TEX certified). The buckles and zippers on our products have all been sourced with industry-leading companies around the world. We refuse to take short cuts on safety

At the end of the day, there is an abundance of choice for baby carriers out there across all price ranges. However, Pognae will continue to focus around quality to ensure we produce the safest, most comfortable & stylish baby carriers for parents and bubs! 

Safety First

All POGNAE hipseat baby carriers are manufactured under stringent quality control standards,and have been approved by the following global safety standards:

The CE mark stands for "Conformity to European" - a required certification in exporting products to the European Union. Products which have acquired the CE mark are ones that comply with standard qualifications in Europe in terms of safety and health for consumers, hygiene, and protection of the environment. POGNAE Hipseat Carriers have passed this certification. CE (EN71-3).

The SGS safety standard is an European test standard for detecting harmful chemical elements. POGNAE Hipseat Carriers have passed this certification. SGS (EN13209-2:2005).


Acknowledged by the International

Hip Dysplasia Institude as a 'Hip-Healthy' Product for your baby.

Pognae Hipseat Baby Carrier - Hip Healthy

baby carrier by Pognae hipseat healthy

 Pognae hipseat baby carriers have been designed and manufactured according to the recommendations put forth by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI). The baby sits on the hipseat in the M-position where the thighs are spread around the carer's torso, with hips bent and the knees are at level with the buttocks with thighs supported. 

Our No.5 and ORGA Hipseat Baby Carrier collections have been acknowledged by the IHDI as a hip-healthy product, when used as directed. 


Be rest assured that POGNAE makes the safest and most comfortable hipseat baby carriers for you and your baby. 


    ★ Customer Reviews

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    183 reviews
    The Best carrier for parents!

    I am a novice and an elderly mother. I never knew there was such a good baby sling or carrier. In the past, my parents used ordinary cloth to carry the baby and needed work. But today our generation is so lucky and happy because of this designed and manufactured as well as Pognae to reduce the burden and pressure of caring for our babies. I can carry my son go around and even go together with a pram. At first I thought the price was so expensive, but I believed that you get what you pay for, so I bought it. In the end, I think everything is worth it! Plus very fast delivery and customer service is good, Thanks Pognae!


    Absolute lifesaver!!!! We would be lost without our Pognae carrier. I have a 3 year old and a newborn who doesn’t like been put down. With no hands available to play and do other things like life chores I came across the Pognae and I didn’t hesitate to order one. It’s been absolutely amazing. Soooo easy to put on and baby AND the mesh air fabric is fantastic. Being a hot person and my beautiful new daughter we get really sticky and hot easy. I was was worried we wouldn’t be able to breath with fabric around us and being so close but it’s amazing. We are both so comfortable and feel we can wear our carrier all day!

    Highly highly recommend to everyone

    Love this carrier. Bought a Tula first up as a friend recommended but was getting a sore back and couldn't forward face which was not suitable for a very curious bub
    This one has so many different carry options plus the hip seat has been a life saver for my back and hips. Was recommended to me by my chiropractor who used it for his baby. Worth the money as I will be able to use it as he gets bigger.

    All of baby's weight on the hips!

    I have a bad back, so this was just what I was looking for. My baby is very comfortable in it and doesn't fuss. I usually wear it in front, with baby forward-facing, but I've also tried it as a backpack with baby and it is very comfortable on my back. I would love the company to make an instructional video to demo all the different ways to use it and all of the features it has. It could do with a pocket on the opposite side (I'm right handed and struggle with the left-sided pocket) and the beige baby-sucking attachments should ideally have been made with an inner waterproof layer (as baby's drool soaks through to the carrier). But those are my only complaints. Overall a great carrier that should last us for quite awhile!


    Absolutely love the ease of this carrier! Making it super simple to pop on and off.
    Cotton fabric that is soft on my newborns skin! My MUST HAVE item for all mummas!