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Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
C J (Perth, Australia)
Good carrier but customer experience a bit poor

Was excited to try this carrier as I wanted a wrap / carrier light weight and easy for around the house. Delivery took a bit longer than expected, they acknowledged it was delayed. However when it was finally delivered, it was dropped off to our neighbours house (not the companies fault). When I opened it, the colour looks dark blue not the light blue I’ve ordered. I’ve emailed the company a week ago but yet to hear a response.

I haven’t really had a good chance to use it yet because I’d like the colour I’ve ordered. Have tried it on once for fit and seems to work, although would like a bit more head support for my 8 week old. Hopefully by the time I hear back and get my light blue carrier, bub will have a bit more head control. Can someone please respond to my email and send a new colour out. Really need it to carry baby hands free and chase the toddler around.. thank you!

MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
Cameron Thom (Epping, Australia)
Modern ergonomic design which my newborn loves

I bought the 4-in-1 baby carrier and love the entire set. The design is well thought out, providing plenty of space for both baby and parent and it was packed great to be space efficient. The 4-in-1 allows sling to carrier as the baby grows and my newborn was extremely comfy and fell asleep almost instantly.

I would highly recommend, would buy again and a little sad I missed out on the denim colours!

Great place for a nap!

I borrowed this carrier from a friend and loved it so much I bought my own!
I put my baby in it around the house when he’s feeling a bit cuddly and I need to get things done, he falls asleep pretty quickly.
We’ve been to the beach in it, to the shops and even to the rugby! Every time he falls asleep! It’s great!

MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
Jenny (Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Malaysia)
The best carrier you’ll ever use

I’ve tried various brands, even bought the famous competitor Ergo and have come back to this one because of how versatile it is to use from newborn to toddler. Neither one of my two kids would sit or sleep in other carriers (they’re both eczema sufferers as well as contact nappers so comfort and breathability/staying cool is so important for their skin and their sleep!), but they will sleep in this pognae. I’ve even been able to wear my kids in this carrier while holidaying in Japan and walking 20,000 steps a day so know that it holds well for your back and allows you to bring your kids anywhere and everywhere with peace of mind knowing your children will be happy in it whether awake or asleep :)

On top of that, because my kids like sitting on its sturdy seat, I can wear them around the house while I do chores like vacuuming, laundry and so on. So to all the mummies who feel like they can’t do anything around the home cos of their clingy children, this Carrier lets you do both! :)

Highly recommend this pognae as all its parts let you transition with each stage of your baby’s growth and it really gives us parents so much freedom and flexibility in our lifestyle while including our children in our day to day activities. It’s pricey but worth every penny as you’ll use it every day like I do :)

NEO No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier
Brooke (Sydney, Australia)
Excellent baby carrier

We are sadly at the end of our baby carrying days - 2 years so consider this a long term review!
I used the carrier almost daily when my little girl was 4-12 months. Especially around the house, and the hip seat was a life saver on those “cuddly can’t put me down” days.

Easy to put on by myself and I could get her out without waking her when she fell asleep.

100% recommend 👍🏼

Best baby purchase

Absolutely love the pognae carriers. I purchased the 4 in 1 package which includes the soft wrap. My baby absolutely loves it and it is such a godsend that I also bought a step one soft carrier so I could keep one in the house and one in the car and never be without. My baby settles every time in this carrier

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Emily (Sydney, Australia)
Amazing, Babywearing Made Simple!

This product has become one of my favourite purchases to date. The carrier was bought and received a few days after baby was born, and has been in use ever since.

The product's design is intuitively simple and ensures a beautiful tight 'hug' sensation, without feeling bulky. I opted for the lightweight mesh material which has ensured comfort & breathability as we navigate warmer weather.

I love that this product makes spontaneous walks around the neighbourhood simple. It has also helped many a time to encourage sleep, while saving weary arm & back muscles. As a bonus, if bub does fall asleep while being 'worn', transferring them to an alternate position out of the carrier is an easy, gentle process.

I highly recommend this product, and would consider gifting it to expectant friends.

No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier
Noemi Kim (Highland, United States)
Best purchase

I’m usually the type to use hand me down and try to be as minimalistic as I can since raising children are not cheap, however, this purchase was one of the best decisions I made. It’s so comfortable with sturdy support. I use it in every occasion whether it is at home to outdoors hiking. I use it so well I convinced my friends to get the carrier for their children and they purchased it the same day! You won’t regret it either!

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Jade (Perth, Australia)

I wish we had this since day one, our little one loves to be upright and walking around with her in your arms can getting pretty hard on the shoulders and arms. This has been a lifesaver, light and breathable and great quality. I’ve made my mind up to buy another carrier for when she is a little older. If you are thinking of getting one you will not regret it. It’s simple to put on and take off. You can even take it off with Bub still asleep. If that’s not a winner I don’t know what is. I’ve now got two free hands ❤️

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Rhiannon Taylor (Emerald, Australia)
Amazing product!

I absolutely love my pognae carrier as does my little one! It’s so comfy for me and him and it’s great quality! He literally falls asleep every time I put him in it within minutes! Have recommended it to so many people!
Thanks again Pognae!

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
KMagree (Sydney, Australia)
Comfortable, easy to use, lightweight

We love our Pognae carrier. Especially because our baby was an early premmie, we struggled to find something that could cater to her now as well as long term future use. The carrier is easy to use, lightweight and compact for storage and keeping under your pram/in backpack. My hubby also loves to now ‘wear our baby’ and it’s super convenient as we have a busy toddler running around. I just wish I got the camel colour but it was not in stock at the time we placed our order. But all in all, no complaints and we would certainly recommend to our friends. I might also mention, my hubby has a fused spine so this is super comfortable for him and we’ve tried multiple carriers!
Thank you Pognae.

Orga Light Hipseat
Jessica (Sydney, Australia)
Saves your shoulders!

I originally thought I was going to have to return this product, as the seat part dipped forward and pressed uncomfortably into my stomach. However, I found if I scoot baby's body closer to mine this doesn't happen anymore. Fantastic for leaving an arm free for getting things done around the house and giving your shoulders a much-needed break while calming a clingy baby. Quicker to throw on than my air wrap carrier (which I also love!) and baby loves to fall asleep while being bopped around on the hipseat. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is I feel the waist band is not large enough to fit an inclusive range of sizes, and leaves some of the velcro exposed to potentially grip to and damage your clothes. Overall though a very well-designed product!

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Skye P (Toowoomba, Australia)
Simply the BEST!

I have spent a small fortune trying different styles of carriers and this is by far the best in my opinion.
No complicated wrapping technique to complete while flustered with a fussing baby.
The material is sooo light and breathable, must in this climate, yet supportive and secure all the same.
So easy to put on and the added support underneath takes away the feeling bubs could slip through.
Investment wise this is great, currently using it for my newborn but with time we’ll have the option to wear facing out and right up to 15kg which is great.

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Paula Alviola (Auckland, New Zealand)

Loving my new carrier and so does my 8week old bubs, my husband bought one from a different brand but its too bulky for me so i decided to do some research and see if i could find a wrap carrier and AMAZINGLY found this!. Its perfect for summer cause its breathable and doesnt make my little one feel hot like most carriers do. He instantly feels cozy and falls asleep on me. Would definitely recommend for new moms to buy. :)

MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
C. (Leppington, Australia)
Amazing carrier!!! Best Investment

Absolutely love this carrier! I can do everything with my baby in it. From going down to the shops, walks, or just carry around the house and getting chores done. Very easy to put iton even with no help.  I used the wrap and now the carrier religiously since she was 1 week old.  The carrier has great back support and good wide hips position for my little one.  It is super comfortable for both of us.  She falls asleep every time when we are out.   The material is light and breathable, so it works well in hot days. I also love the colour, it's beautiful... Overall it is a fantastic product and will highly recommend to my friends. 

NEO No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier
Clo (Sydney, Australia)
The only structured carrier our fussy baby likes!

We’ve been trying to get our little one to like our other structured carrier for months. No luck! But he loooves the Pognae No5. And so do I! The hip seat is comfortable for bubs and me, and the little pocket on the side is perfect for my phone, his binky, and keys for when we go out adventuring.

I love that it’s convertable from carrier + hip seat to just the hip seat. And it’s easy to wash. The mesh window keeps him cool on the hot days, but the rest of the carrier is covered in more comfy fabric which is the reason my baby loves it.

Wish we knew about this 5x carriers ago, but we saved the best for last it seems!

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Jacinta L (Blacktown, Australia)

I am Grateful for this purchase! I ordered it trusting from the other reviews/mum’s reviews. It has worked to put my little Bub to sleep and to relax him. It also takes the strain off me carrying him aswell and gives me some rest regarding that. It is very easy to assemble once you get the hang of it & has adjustment options. It is very handy to have when you’re with a baby or have more than one. Great design & thank you, it came at the right time too & has helped big time.

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
Madeline Gilbuela (Adelaide, Australia)

I super love it. Especially to my newborn daughter that doesn't wanna be put down. I have her in this carrier while doing house chores chores that doesn't require me to bend so much as she's a bit heavy now.

No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier
Jessica.N (Brisbane, Australia)

Very supportive carrier. After my daughter was diagnosed with hip displaysia (now corrected) I chose this carrier given it comes recommended by the International Hip Displaysia institute. Looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

Extender Strap for Step One Wrap
Jess M (Melbourne, Australia)
Fantastic carrier!

With my second daughter I was really after a carrier I could wear like a wrap or t-shirt and leave on in the car etc. so that I could just get out of the car, pop bubs in and then get my toddler out with no issues. Looking through all the different options, I decided on this one! Great decision! Super easy to put on, easy to adjust and bubs was so comfy, she fell straight asleep the whole time she was in there. I am plus sized (18-20), so bought the extra strap, but didn’t need it.

MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
Andy P (Oxley, Australia)
Best product, worth the price for sure!

We are new mum & dad to be and my wife did lots of research for baby carrier. New Max 4 in 1 is surely the best purchases we did for baby. We are so happy to get everything including hip seat and shawl with the price of carrier. Love the quality and every details especially the side pocket. We love the fact there are so many different ways to carry with just one product. If you are looking for baby carrier f or your new born then this is all you need!
We can’t wait to use for our baby when he comes out in December!

MAX 4-in-1 Baby Carrier
Anonymous (Sydney, Australia)
Pleasantly surprised

Received last week, love this set. Craftsmanship amazing and I like how you can use it in so many different ways… can’t wait to use it but need to wait for another few weeks until arrival of our baby. Photo showing the back panel ventilation which hubby particularly impressed with. Will update review once we actually get to use it!

No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier
CHEN (Melbourne, Australia)
Love my No.5 plus baby carrier

Free hand to do anything and my newborn LO loves it too. Really helping release my back pain. Suitable for dad and mum and can be used till baby grow up, worth the money!

No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier
Jing An (Auckland, New Zealand)
Suitable for 2 month baby

The design is quite suitable for a small baby. I also like the head cover.

No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier
Hanna Raymundo (Sydney, Australia)

We bought the No. 5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier AS A BUNDLE with the shawl last November 2020 (when I was 8 months pregnant). Now, our baby boy is almost 5 months old and we have used the carrier set long enough to give this honest review.

AMONG ALL THE BABY PRODUCTS WE BOUGHT, THIS CARRIER SET TOPS OUR LIST -- 100% worth our money because of the happiness and convenience it had brought to my and my husband's life.

I know all newborns cry a lot; but my baby is the king of all cry babies if I must say. Since day 1, he always, ALWAYS wants to be held. He'll cry when left in the cot, in the bassinet and all other flat surface.

On top of this, I was diagnosed with De Quervain's Tenosynovitis -- a condition during pregnancy (that may last until breastfeeding) involving thumb and wrist pain. This means, lifting can be painful for me. HENCE, THE MAIN REASON WE LOOKED FOR A REALLY GOOD BABY CARRIER. And we are thankful to come across POGNAE.

Our baby immediately stops crying when in the carrier. And after a few moments, he's fast asleep! I can see that our baby is REALLY COMFORTABLE IN IT.

IT IS SUPER SIMPLE TO USE. I can put my baby alone in the carrier without any assistance. I can easily adjust the straps. I can also unlock the straps using one-hand when unloading our baby.

IT IS ALSO STYLISH that my husband can wear it as well. I have tried and seen other baby carriers, but POGNAE looks really great among all other brands -- it is SLEEK.

Design is great -- it is a "HIP-HEALTHY" product! Materials (outer fabric, inner lining, zippers, buttons, etc.) are well-thought of and of high standards.

IT HAS A WIDE WAIST / HIP BAND that helps distribute the baby's weight better -- no aching back even after many hours of wearing it. IT EVEN HAS A POCKET! Where I can put a dummy or my cell phone or a burp cloth. So convenient.

It also has a DETACHABLE HOODIE (or head cover) that can be used if it's raining or if the wind is too cold or if you just want to cover your little one.

The front part can be opened showing a MESH if weather is too warm.

And the hip seat, OH THE HIP SEAT WITH ANTI-SLIP FEATURE where baby's bum stay put (HAHA) and when baby's in the mood of sort-of jumping. It's safer.

MY FAVORITE ARE THE DROOL PAD AND THE SIDE TEETHING PADS! My baby is now in the stage where he drools a lot and munch on almost all things. THESE FEATURE IS GENIUS FOR ME. I have ordered extra so I have something to use when the original set is in the wash.

EASY TO MAINTAIN AND CLEAN. You can put it in the washing machine and dryer (air dry only or low-temperature). Don't forget to remove the foam of the hip seat before washing!!!

If you can, BUY THE BUNDLE. It is worth it and you can save more.