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Super light and secure

I bought a No.5 Plus All-In-One in August as my baby girl always wanted to be cuddled before falling asleep (and still now) and I had an issue with my hands and wrists which were stiff and sore.
It was a good choice to buy this baby carrier. I like the design which is pretty, light and has lots of details for babies and parents. I tried the hip seat first and this was very helpful for releasing my hands and forearms.
However, my girl, unfortunately, was not enjoying the seat at that time. I assumed that it is still too big for her to open her legs widely. I am looking forward to using it again after her six months.
Now she is four months and a half and, I and my family use the carrier without hip seat a lot. We feel very light with carrying our baby although she is getting heavier, it is incredible! Moreover, my girl likes to suck its straps and there are separate cotton covers around those areas that are just right for this. I can wash the covers only when they are dirty.
Personally, using this carrier is a lot easier for my situation than my pram which is too heavy to put in my car and take it out!

Great baby carrier!

This arrived quicker than I thought, and the baby carrier is just as it is described!
I have struggled with other types of carriers with my first baby, this is perfect for my 2nd!


The step one carrier is easy to use and very comfy when wearing. I like that it is so light and small, and that I can see my son clearer than other carriers where he is hidden.

Best carrier

I bought the Pognae after seeing my friend use it. Initially I was set on the Ergo, but after seeing all the functions and extra accessories (drool pads, hip seat) that the pognae offered, I bought the no 5 instead. Absolutely love it, saves my back, baby is not overheated. I can say it's been one of our best purchases.

Fantastic! There’s a reason this Pognae carrier sold out !

I just had my third child and was looking for an alternative carrier that would be quick and easy to put on by myself (without needing Cirque du Soleil style contortionist qualifications, a spare three hours, or someone to help me navigate the straps or layers of material)! I have tried two other well known brands prior and this carrier is by far the best. By simply sliding it on like you would a t-shirt, and being able to click it up at the side, all the straps are so easy to use. My baby fell asleep almost straight away the first time I put it on and continues to love it. Whilst you really feel earthy with the soft material at the front, you also feel reassured that bub is safe given the secure buckles at the back. I can’t wait to use it more and get every bit of value out of it; my baby is close to me at all times and I’ve got my two hands back to get stuff done when I need to! Love it!

Absolutely LOVE it!!!

This carrier is EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I ordered it!! I love that it has the buckle around the hips so it feels supported and secure, but I wanted the wrap feeling so my baby could be cosy in it!!
I am really soo soo happy with this baby carrier and highly recommend!!

My Lo loves it!

My son likes to be carried facing out. He is now 16 weeks old. It’s very stylish and my husband really enjoys it too; it’s much more comfortable than the other brand we have previously. I’d also like to mention that the staff was very attentive to my questions before I decided to make a purchase. Highly recommend Neo No. 5

SO easy to use and baby loves it!

I've been looking for a wrap carrier for the longest time but kept putting it off because I just don't think I can deal with the fabric and the whole wrapping process. And then this came along! It's super easy to put on, no long pieces of wrap to wrestle with, no need to buy different sizes for dad and I. Just one easy, simple wrap for everyone. It also doesn't sag down like some of my friend's baby wraps. As soon as I put baby in it, he passes out within 5 mins. Best way to get some cuddle time while still getting things done! Cannot recommend this wrap enough!


My work girlfriends gave this to me as a pressie! I absolutely love it. My little man can face forward or rest on me. My shoulders and hips don’t have any pressure which is awesome. My son really enjoys being in the carrier, looking around and seeing the world :). Would recommend +++


The N5+ is a great product,
all the option make it so versatile and comfortable and easy to wear.
The carrier is also really easy to take off while your baby is asleep without having to wake them.
The fact that bib spit pads are included is amazing too.
I’m really happy with this carrier and can definitely recommend it to all parents who love to carry their baby's around on them.

Love my carrier

I’m loving my new Neo no 5 baby carrier. I ordered on Friday and I received it the next Tuesday. Very happy with the product. I have a 4 year old and this carrier is helping a lot during school run 😀.

Amazing baby carrier!

Huge fan of Pognae! I used the hip carrier almost everytime we took my daughter out. It's super convenient and doesn't take any time to strap on. It's especially convenient for travelling.

I used just the base mostly because my daughter enjoyed facing forward to look at everything. It's super solid - my daughter would stand on it with ease and it didn't make it difficult for me!

Definitely recommend this to all parents!


I absolutely love this carrier! It’s so easy to put on & use, as well as being stylish! Baby loves it as they are close on your body & so comfy. I have been recommending it to all my first time (& second time) mums! Love it!!

Worth Every Cent!

We absolutely adore our new Pognae carrier! Our little one loves being carried around and we love the convenience/ease of clipping it on and setting off for our adventures. The seat is fantastic and helps to evenly distribute baby’s weight around our hips and takes the pressure off of our backs/shoulders. I have scene discovered as an added bonus that the seat can be used as a platform to assist me with breastfeeding on the go!

Love. It.

This carrier is the best. It’s stylish, supportive, easy to use. It has great thoughtful features including a zip pocket, so you can put keys / cash etc in there. I love it.

Very comfortable!

I have many different baby carriers but this is the most comfortable carrier. Easy to put on and easy to bring.

Love love love!

I love how easy this carrier is to put on and off. My baby absolutely loves it. The fabric is super soft and it’s comfy enough to wear for hours.
Cannot recommend highly enough! 10/10!

Simply awesome!

Our first carrier and hopefully the last! We love the fabric, specs and new features. We are very happy with our purhcase. Keep up the good work!

Love this carrier!

Earth mama at the front and business at the back! my baby sleeps so beautifully in this carrier, its super easy to put on by yourself and i can stand and sit comfortably. Loving it so far for my 10 week old!


There are variety of baby carrier popping out in the market but Pognae No.5 Hipseat was the only baby carrier I love. Its the quality and color! You can only provide quality products to your baby plus us parents being comfortable using this excellent invention. So thankful I purchased one.

I love the pognae no.5

I love the Pognae No. 5 that much that I am actually doing a review on it. I don’t usually waste my time like this but I felt compelled to do so because it is such a great piece of clothing equipment to hold my 6 weeks old baby girl.

Not only that it looks amazing and stylish on me (it made me look very masculine – and I don’t even gym!), it is extreme convenient to manoeuvre through traffic of people and also you don’t have to inconvenience yourself to go around shopping centres to find a lift and go around tight spaces to get the pram to the designated location. Also, I feel a sense guaranteed safety of my baby girl being close to me and not have to worry about inconsiderate people/prams knocking or running into my pram. It is comfortable to wear thanks to the supporting straps and soft materials around the waist, neck, and back areas. I really could carry my girl for many hours without having any after-pain. I would encourage my wife to carry her but why would I do that when I can do it myself – LOL! In all seriousness, it is very enjoyable to be able to carry my own daughter in her early days.

Also, I was surprised to read that the carrier can hold up to 3 years of age (or 20kg). Being the curious me, I tried the carrier hipster with my nephew who is about 2 years and about 10kg and it really does support the weight without strain on the arms, neck and back you would experience. If only I had got this carrier early I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT A PRAM … such a waste of money and inconvenient. Instead, I should of invested the money on a stroller when my girl is older.

This carrier is 1/8th of the cost of my pram and I always look forward to using this on every opportunity I have. I hope my review can help a future mum and dad to purchase this wonder piece of item. I cannot see why so many people opt for a pram as opposed to this carrier. Don’t waste your money.

Amazing product, amazing service

Best baby wrap on the market. I have previous used other cloth wraps, which was a nuisance to wrap up.. and would sag at baby’s weight. With this wrap, everything is secured and tight, no sagging and so easy to use!
Also, the service I have received from Pognae has been outstanding!
Highly recommended!

LOVE this carrier!

This is the absolute best carrier ever! I can carry my baby in it for hours with no back/hip pain, and it's super easy to put on. Once our baby got bigger and liked to move around more, we often just used the hipseat part on it's own. It's quick and easy to put on and take off, and our baby is comfortable and happy in it. We always get asked by other moms about this carrier and we highly recommend it!

The best baby wrap

I’ve tried a couple of baby wraps and ended up not using them as they were so complicated to figure out with just a huge chunk of fabric or inconvenient when I needed to wrap my baby in but this Pognae step one baby wrap is honestly so easy to put on and super comfortable. When my baby passes out in the wrap I’m also able to easily take off the wrap without having to wake him up. Such a smart creation by Pognae!

Hybrid carrier

This product is amazing!!!
The fabric is super soft and it’s super easy to wear. Baby’s hips are sustained as well as my back thx to the belt.
I even manage to feed my baby in it which is great for when you are out an about.
On top of that the service was great too,
I ordered it and 2 daily’s later I received the parcel.
I can give this product absolutely 5 stars and recommend it to all mums with new borns looking for a good sling.
Before I was using just a cloth sling but with her growing my back started hurting and I felt I needed something with more back support and she was still to small for a carrier and I was looking for something easy to wear, light and soft like a sling.
My baby is 9 weeks old and she loves being in it.