Step One Wrap Baby Carrier

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Original - Light Grey
Original - Blue
Original - Charcoal
AIR - Light Blue
AIR - Light Grey
AIR - Burgundy
AIR - Navy
AIR - Camel
AIR - Dark Charcoal

Availability: Step One Wrap Baby Carrier in Original Light Grey is currently sold out. The stock will be repleneshed in late January and we'll open up for Pre-Order once we are able to confirm when we can dispatch the product. If you would like to stay up to date, please sign up to the email notification. Thanks so much for your support!

Pognae's latest innovation, integrating benefits of a baby wrap with a soft structured baby carrier, Step One is a wrap/carrier hybrid to help you navigate through the earliest stages of parenting.

No more trying to fumble through long, endless fabric trying to 'get it right'. No more confusing size charts. 

Step One is extremely easy and intuitive to wear and adjustable to fit both mums and dads.

  • This wrap is one size fits all and easily adjustable between wearers (66-118cm waist size)
  • Inward AND forward facing carry (forward facing is recommended only once the baby has developed neck control)
  • Lightweight - this carrier weighs only 300 grams
  • Certified to carry from newborn up to 20kg
  • Gift: comes with an elegant carrying tote
  • Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
  • Carry tote
  • Instruction Manual 

Recommended: Hand wash in cold water, with mild detergent.

Secondary option: Mashine wash in mild washing cycle (ie. Wool cycle). Make sure to place the product in a laundry bag and the water temperature is set to cool.

  • Do not use the dryer with this product
  • Do not dry under direct sunlight. Well ventilated, shaded area for drying is recommended
  • Do not wash in hot water
  • Wash separately from other clothing items
  • Alkali substances in baby detergents may cause discolouration of product

NEW UV-protective mesh fabric in gorgeous colours

We've just launched 6 amazing colourways in the latest new fabric - Step One UV Cut Air - which protects your baby from the summer rays and keeps you both ventilated and cool. Available for pre-order now. Estimated dispatch commencing 21st November. 

Stylish | Secure | Simple

Step One Wrap Baby Carrier is super intuitiive to wear. It's also easily adjustable to fit both mums and dads. This baby carrier is designed to function like a wrap - but we've made it easier than ever to put on. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Even weight distribution

The Step One waist belt helps to support the baby's weight evenly and efficiently, across the wearer's shoulders, back and waist. 

3 layers of ultra-soft fabric

As your baby sits comfortably in Pognae's Step One Wrap Baby Carrier, they are supported by 3 layers of extra-soft fabric. Layer 3 is supported by buckles at the back to prevent your baby from dipping down - a common occurence with other wraps.


We use the softest fabric made of cotton, polyester and polyurethane - the fabric is soft to the touch, yet provides enough elasticity for support. 

Ergonomic & Safe

Side buckles prevent the baby from falling out unexpectedly, and the baby carrier is designed to enable M-shape posture according to international babywearing recommendations for healthy development. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
So nice and easy to use

Love ours so much!
I've previously purchased other baby carriers and they were always super difficult to work out and take on and off. This is so easy, I'm able to put it on quickly and put my daughter in with ease.
Another positive I've found is I'm a plus sized girl and whilst some other baby carriers don't fit me this one is fully adjustable, comfortable and looks good too.
Will definitely be recommending this to all friends and family with little ones!

Cosy and comfy

My bub didn’t like another carrier I had, too many straps and was complicated but when I put him in the step one he seemed ok and then fell asleep in it! Had our first walk down the street and to the local market and he slept the whole time. It’s comfy and so easy to put on, I wish I bought it sooner!!

Pognae step one carrier

Love this product. Super lightweight and easy to put in solo, compared to ergobaby where extra hands needed for buckles. Have used it alot during witching hour as only place baby will sleep!

Pognae step one

Love this product. Super lightweight and easy to put on solo compared to ergobaby where extra hands needed for clips.

Best baby carrier I’ve owned

I have used 2 different baby carriers and a wrap with my 3 children but none have been as comfortable as the one step carrier. It doesn’t hurt my back and is easy to use. Every time I wear it people ask me where I got it from. Wish I had this with all of my babies.

Most comfortable carrier!

I first purchased another brand of carrier (a very popular brand mind you) and was left completely disappointed - the carrier just did not fit me properly, it was SO difficult to try to get my baby in the carrier (had to try to lift the whole thing over your head while holding your baby in the carrier with the other hand!) and my baby hated it once inside. I then stumbled across the Pognae Step One Wrap Baby Carrier and it has been a complete game changer for me - it fits perfectly, is really light weigh and comfortable, easy to use (I can get my baby in and settled within a minute) and most importantly, my baby just loves it - basically falling asleep within minutes every single time we use it! A must have for all parents!

Customer service more than 5 stars

I recently purchased this baby carrier and have not looked back ! So simple to use and Bub is more than happy to be in it , which is what you need when your also running after a toddler

The customer service is outstanding they went above and beyond to help find me a carrier and have it delivered ASAP o couldn’t be more thankful

Great baby carrier!

This arrived quicker than I thought, and the baby carrier is just as it is described!
I have struggled with other types of carriers with my first baby, this is perfect for my 2nd!


The step one carrier is easy to use and very comfy when wearing. I like that it is so light and small, and that I can see my son clearer than other carriers where he is hidden.

Fantastic! There’s a reason this Pognae carrier sold out !

I just had my third child and was looking for an alternative carrier that would be quick and easy to put on by myself (without needing Cirque du Soleil style contortionist qualifications, a spare three hours, or someone to help me navigate the straps or layers of material)! I have tried two other well known brands prior and this carrier is by far the best. By simply sliding it on like you would a t-shirt, and being able to click it up at the side, all the straps are so easy to use. My baby fell asleep almost straight away the first time I put it on and continues to love it. Whilst you really feel earthy with the soft material at the front, you also feel reassured that bub is safe given the secure buckles at the back. I can’t wait to use it more and get every bit of value out of it; my baby is close to me at all times and I’ve got my two hands back to get stuff done when I need to! Love it!