Step One Wrap Baby Carrier

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Pognae's latest innovation, integrating benefits of a baby wrap with a soft structured baby carrier, Step One is a wrap/carrier hybrid to help you navigate through the earliest stages of parenting.

No more trying to fumble through long, endless fabric trying to 'get it right'. No more confusing size charts. 

Step One is extremely easy and intuitive to wear and adjustable to fit both mums and dads.


  • This wrap is one size fits most and easily adjustable between wearers (66-118cm waist size)
  • Inward AND forward facing carry (forward facing is recommended only once the baby has developed neck control)
  • Lightweight - this carrier weighs only 300 grams
  • Certified to carry from newborn up to 20kg
  • Gift: comes with an elegant carrying tote
  • Step One Wrap Baby Carrier
  • Carry tote

Please note: Conscious of our environment, we are no longer printing instruction manuals for our baby carriers. Please refer to THIS PAGE to see our instruction manuals. 


    Recommended: Hand wash in cold water, with mild detergent.

    Secondary option: Mashine wash in mild washing cycle (ie. Wool cycle). Make sure to place the product in a laundry bag and the water temperature is set to cool.

    • Do not use the dryer with this product
    • Do not dry under direct sunlight. Well ventilated, shaded area for drying is recommended
    • Do not wash in hot water
    • Wash separately from other clothing items
    • Alkali substances in baby detergents may cause discolouration of product

    Using only the best fabric

    We have 6 amazing colourways in our Step One Air range, which provides up to 85% UV protection. It keeps your bubs safe from the summer rays and the soft, luxe mesh keeps you both ventilated and cool. 

    Air Mosaic range has the same fabric composition, but with the added elegance of a specially dyed subtle checkered pattern.

    Step One Original uses the softest fabric made of cotton, polyester and polyurethane the fabric is soft to the touch, yet provides just enough elasticity for support. 

    Stylish | Secure | Simple

    Step One Wrap Baby Carrier is super intuitive to wear. It's easily adjustable to fit both mums and dads - never worry about buying the wrong size!

    This baby carrier is designed to function like a wrap - but we've made it easier than ever to put on - simply pull it over like a t-shirt.

    Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

    Even weight distribution & always supporting your back

    The Step One waist belt helps to support the baby's weight evenly and efficiently, across the wearer's shoulders, back and waist. 

    Carrying your baby should never cause a burden to your shoulders and back.

    3 layers of support prevents sagging

    As your baby sits comfortably in Pognae's Step One Wrap Baby Carrier, they are supported by 3 layers of extra-soft fabric. Layer 3 is supported by buckles at the back to prevent your baby from dipping down - a common occurrence with other wraps.

    Ergonomic & Safe

    Side buckles prevent the baby from falling out unexpectedly. The baby carrier is designed to enable M-shape posture according to international babywearing recommendations for healthy development. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 117 reviews
    Jan NG (Sydney, Australia)

    Very easy to use

    JARowling (Melbourne, Australia)

    Easy to use (not like wraps that need to be tied), LOVE the colour even though it is lighter than the picture, great for newborn to keep close, so happy with purchase!

    Lucy Norton (Melbourne, Australia)
    At last, a baby carrier that Bub and I both love!

    I’ve tried a number of baby carriers and they were either too complicated or felt like Bub was falling out or too big for him at 5 weeks. I got this one as it feels the best of all worlds and yay! both Bub and I love it. Great purchase 😊

    Amanda Lemon (Melbourne, Australia)
    Gets you out and about HANDS FREE

    We have some beautiful walking tracks not so pram friendly, this carrier is the perfect hands free option allowing me to still play fetch with the dog.
    Soft and comfortable for both me and my husband to wear. Baby just sleeps straight away being against out body. Highly recommend!

    Michelle Cullen (Perth, Australia)

    After doing some research looking for a wrap/ material carrier that was wearable with ease and not too hot (as Australian summers and baby wearing can be hot stuff)... I narrowed it down but couldn't resist this Pognae Air Mesh in Mosaic grey. When it arrived I was so excited to whip it on. I am so glad I took the plunge and 100% dont regret it. This carrier is so amazing and EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is sooo wonderfully easy to use, totally comfy, does not hurt my back literally has all of what I was looking for. The material is soft, extremely supportive and breathable. My baby loves it! She went to sleep straight away but also had some big smiles in it too and now I can have my hands back for those times when baby wants to be close and snuggled. If your still weighing it up between this or something else you won't regret this purchase its fabulous. ❤❤

    Adam Chislett (Melbourne, Australia)

    My wife & find the wrap carrier easy to use, comfortable for us & baby & baby sleeps so well in it!

    Lisa Bird (Aubin Grove, Australia)

    Absolute lifesaver!!!! We would be lost without our Pognae carrier. I have a 3 year old and a newborn who doesn’t like been put down. With no hands available to play and do other things like life chores I came across the Pognae and I didn’t hesitate to order one. It’s been absolutely amazing. Soooo easy to put on and baby AND the mesh air fabric is fantastic. Being a hot person and my beautiful new daughter we get really sticky and hot easy. I was was worried we wouldn’t be able to breath with fabric around us and being so close but it’s amazing. We are both so comfortable and feel we can wear our carrier all day!

    Highly highly recommend to everyone

    Larissa (Brisbane, Australia)

    Absolutely love the ease of this carrier! Making it super simple to pop on and off.
    Cotton fabric that is soft on my newborns skin! My MUST HAVE item for all mummas!

    Briony D (Gold Coast, Australia)
    Awesome carrier - hello hands free!!

    I had previously ordered a different wrap that didn’t have a waist belt and it was horrible. I have a walking/hiking carrier from another brand but I wanted a day-to-day quick solution to get baby in so I could do the jobs around the house (without hassle). The Pognae is SO easy to use. I watched the video on the website and it took me one try. You put it in like a t shirt and only have to actually do up and undo one clip (the waist) and once that’s in position, just tighten/loosen the side ones to get her in and out/tighten her up. It’s very supportive for the baby. I got mine when she was four weeks old and use it everyday. Yes it’s more expensive than the jersey wraps but because there is no hassle and the quality is so good, it’s worth every dollar in my opinion.
    Fantastic product. Thanks for making this so easy for busy moms!!!

    Jenna White (Hobart, Australia)
    Game Changer

    Before receiving my wrap I struggled to get anything done or settle bub, now I can fold washing or make a coffee all while he settles himself to sleep, life changing!!!