No.5 Plus Newborn Shawl

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No.5 Plus Newborn Shawl is an optional add-on accessory that is compatible with our All-In-One carriers. 

The No.5 Plus Shawl connects to the baby carrier belt that is included with No.5 Plus or Orga Plus Baby Carriers, and turning it into a wrap/baby carrier hybrid. 

*Note* - This product can only be used if you already own or have purchased an Orga Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier or No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier. The Shawl cannot be used on its own. If you have any questions, please email us at and we're happy to help answer any questions you have. 

For more information on how to use this product, please view the instruction manual HERE.

  • Compatible with Pognae's Orga Plus and No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carriers.
  • This wrap is one size fits all and easily adjustable between wearers. 
  • Inward and forward facing carry (forward facing is recommended only once the baby has developed neck control)
  • Certified to carry from newborn up to 20kg.
  • No.5 Plus Shawl
  • Instruction Manual 

Customer Reviews

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Hanna Raymundo (Sydney, Australia)
Safe, very simple to use, stylish and so easy to maintain/clean!

We bought this shawl as a bundle with the No. 5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier last November 2020 (when I was 8 months pregnant). I have used the shawl starting when my baby was 2 months old until he outgrown it and transitioned to the baby carrier.

I know all newborns cry a lot; but my baby is the king of all cry babies if I must say. Since day 1, he always, ALWAYS wants to be held. He'll cry when left in the cot, in the bassinet and all other flat surface. HENCE, THE MAIN REASON WE LOOKED FOR A REALLY GOOD CARRIER. And we are thankful to come across this bundle.

Our baby immediately stops crying when in the shawl. My hands are free and I can do other stuff.

IT IS SUPER SIMPLE TO USE. I can put my baby alone without any assistance.

IT IS ALSO STYLISH that my husband can wear it as well.

Design is great -- it is a "HIP-HEALTHY" product! Cloth is soft and breathable. Materials (zippers, buttons, etc.) are well-thought of and of high standards.

Though the shawl is for newborns and weight may not be an issue, but I just want to say that I really like that this carrier has a wide band. It helps distribute the baby's weight even better -- no aching back even after many hours of wearing it. IT EVEN HAS A POCKET! Where I can put a dummy or my cellphone or a burp cloth. So convenient.

EASY TO MAINTAIN AND CLEAN. You can put it in the washing machine and dryer (air dry only or low-temperature).

If you can, BUY THE BUNDLE. It is worth it and you can save more.