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No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier

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No.5 Plus All-In-One is Pognae's luxury baby carrier that is suitable from newborn up to 3 years (or 20kgs). It features a water and wind resistant outer fabric, and an organic cotton inner lining that is soft and delicate for your baby's skin.

The No.5 Plus features a "newborn support" which provides secure support for newborns during the first 60 days of life (depending on the size of your baby). 

A new, patented innovation of the No.5 Plus Baby Carrier is that it features a "quiet zipper" which allows you to take off the baby carrier with minimal noise. The baby will no longer be woken up by the sound of Velcro which means successful baby carrier-to-cot transfers!

The No.5 Plus Baby Carrier comes with 2 belts - a baby carrier belt and a hipseat belt which can be interchanged to wear with its shoulder strap attachment. Both belts can carry up to 20kgs. 

  • 2 interchangeable belts (baby carrier belt & hipseat belt)
  • shoulder strap attachment
  • bamboo fibre teething pads
  • bamboo fibre drool bib
  • organic cotton sleeping hood
  • mesh sleeping hood

Please note: Conscious of our environment, we are no longer printing instruction manuals for our baby carriers. Please refer to THIS PAGE to see our instruction manuals. 


Recommended: Spot clean with damp cloth as necessary.

Secondary Option: Machine washable in cold water. When washing the hipseat, please remove the inner foam hipseat base. Ensure all buckles are fastened and Velcro are attached before placing in laundry bag for washing. Hang to dry in shaded and well-ventilated area. 

Please see instruction manual for additional washing instructions and cautions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Jessica.N (Brisbane, Australia)

Very supportive carrier. After my daughter was diagnosed with hip displaysia (now corrected) I chose this carrier given it comes recommended by the International Hip Displaysia institute. Looking forward to getting lots of use out of it.

CHEN (Melbourne, Australia)
Love my No.5 plus baby carrier

Free hand to do anything and my newborn LO loves it too. Really helping release my back pain. Suitable for dad and mum and can be used till baby grow up, worth the money!

Jing An (Auckland, New Zealand)
Suitable for 2 month baby

The design is quite suitable for a small baby. I also like the head cover.

Hanna Raymundo (Sydney, Australia)

We bought the No. 5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier AS A BUNDLE with the shawl last November 2020 (when I was 8 months pregnant). Now, our baby boy is almost 5 months old and we have used the carrier set long enough to give this honest review.

AMONG ALL THE BABY PRODUCTS WE BOUGHT, THIS CARRIER SET TOPS OUR LIST -- 100% worth our money because of the happiness and convenience it had brought to my and my husband's life.

I know all newborns cry a lot; but my baby is the king of all cry babies if I must say. Since day 1, he always, ALWAYS wants to be held. He'll cry when left in the cot, in the bassinet and all other flat surface.

On top of this, I was diagnosed with De Quervain's Tenosynovitis -- a condition during pregnancy (that may last until breastfeeding) involving thumb and wrist pain. This means, lifting can be painful for me. HENCE, THE MAIN REASON WE LOOKED FOR A REALLY GOOD BABY CARRIER. And we are thankful to come across POGNAE.

Our baby immediately stops crying when in the carrier. And after a few moments, he's fast asleep! I can see that our baby is REALLY COMFORTABLE IN IT.

IT IS SUPER SIMPLE TO USE. I can put my baby alone in the carrier without any assistance. I can easily adjust the straps. I can also unlock the straps using one-hand when unloading our baby.

IT IS ALSO STYLISH that my husband can wear it as well. I have tried and seen other baby carriers, but POGNAE looks really great among all other brands -- it is SLEEK.

Design is great -- it is a "HIP-HEALTHY" product! Materials (outer fabric, inner lining, zippers, buttons, etc.) are well-thought of and of high standards.

IT HAS A WIDE WAIST / HIP BAND that helps distribute the baby's weight better -- no aching back even after many hours of wearing it. IT EVEN HAS A POCKET! Where I can put a dummy or my cell phone or a burp cloth. So convenient.

It also has a DETACHABLE HOODIE (or head cover) that can be used if it's raining or if the wind is too cold or if you just want to cover your little one.

The front part can be opened showing a MESH if weather is too warm.

And the hip seat, OH THE HIP SEAT WITH ANTI-SLIP FEATURE where baby's bum stay put (HAHA) and when baby's in the mood of sort-of jumping. It's safer.

MY FAVORITE ARE THE DROOL PAD AND THE SIDE TEETHING PADS! My baby is now in the stage where he drools a lot and munch on almost all things. THESE FEATURE IS GENIUS FOR ME. I have ordered extra so I have something to use when the original set is in the wash.

EASY TO MAINTAIN AND CLEAN. You can put it in the washing machine and dryer (air dry only or low-temperature). Don't forget to remove the foam of the hip seat before washing!!!

If you can, BUY THE BUNDLE. It is worth it and you can save more.

Sophie Kate (Caulfield, Australia)

Our little guy hated all the other carriers that we tried , but is very happy in this one. It is also comfortable for us to wear! The pockets in the waste strap and at the front of the pouch are very handy. I highly recommend this

Ada Chong (Sydney, Australia)
The Best carrier for parents!

I am a novice and an elderly mother. I never knew there was such a good baby sling or carrier. In the past, my parents used ordinary cloth to carry the baby and needed work. But today our generation is so lucky and happy because of this designed and manufactured as well as Pognae to reduce the burden and pressure of caring for our babies. I can carry my son go around and even go together with a pram. At first I thought the price was so expensive, but I believed that you get what you pay for, so I bought it. In the end, I think everything is worth it! Plus very fast delivery and customer service is good, Thanks Pognae!

Shamani Hawtin (Sydney, Australia)

Love this carrier. Bought a Tula first up as a friend recommended but was getting a sore back and couldn't forward face which was not suitable for a very curious bub
This one has so many different carry options plus the hip seat has been a life saver for my back and hips. Was recommended to me by my chiropractor who used it for his baby. Worth the money as I will be able to use it as he gets bigger.

Hannah (Sydney, Australia)
We love it. The material is soft and very good for baby

We love this carrier and recommend anyone to buy it. It is very good material and easy to wear.

Alan (Sydney, Australia)
I love the pognae no.5

I love the Pognae No. 5 that much that I am actually doing a review on it. I don’t usually waste my time like this but I felt compelled to do so because it is such a great piece of clothing equipment to hold my 6 weeks old baby girl.

Not only that it looks amazing and stylish on me (it made me look very masculine – and I don’t even gym!), it is extreme convenient to manoeuvre through traffic of people and also you don’t have to inconvenience yourself to go around shopping centres to find a lift and go around tight spaces to get the pram to the designated location. Also, I feel a sense guaranteed safety of my baby girl being close to me and not have to worry about inconsiderate people/prams knocking or running into my pram. It is comfortable to wear thanks to the supporting straps and soft materials around the waist, neck, and back areas. I really could carry my girl for many hours without having any after-pain. I would encourage my wife to carry her but why would I do that when I can do it myself – LOL! In all seriousness, it is very enjoyable to be able to carry my own daughter in her early days.

Also, I was surprised to read that the carrier can hold up to 3 years of age (or 20kg). Being the curious me, I tried the carrier hipster with my nephew who is about 2 years and about 10kg and it really does support the weight without strain on the arms, neck and back you would experience. If only I had got this carrier early I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT A PRAM … such a waste of money and inconvenient. Instead, I should of invested the money on a stroller when my girl is older.

This carrier is 1/8th of the cost of my pram and I always look forward to using this on every opportunity I have. I hope my review can help a future mum and dad to purchase this wonder piece of item. I cannot see why so many people opt for a pram as opposed to this carrier. Don’t waste your money.

Cassendra L (Sydney, Australia)

Really enjoy using our pognae! It’s easy to use and great for not waking Bub up if they’ve fallen asleep in the carrier. Really convenient to take Bub out for a walk if she’s being fussy or having a hard time going down for a nap. The accompanying hip seat also is super useful to help hold her as she gets heavier