Universal Winter Warmer



Our Universal Winter Warmer has arrived just in time to keep you and your little ones nice and cosy this winter!

This water and wind resistant warmer will fit most baby carriers and prams/strollers.

It can be worn on all positions with your baby carrier (inward and outward facing as well as piggy back position).

Stock availability: Black and Navy currently sold out. Grey is now back in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

  • Universal - usable on most baby carriers and prams/strollers.
  • Outstanding thermal function - high quality wind and water resistant outer fabric. Inside is lined with superfine fleece fibre, preventing cold air from entering the product. 
  • Detachable hood - the hood can be taken off via its zipper and snap buttons. 
  • Zipper slit opening - there are 2 openings on each side of the winter warmer to cater to the baby's leg movements. 
  • Foot muff function - can be attached to your pram or stroller and be used as a foot muff.

Pognae Winter Warmer for Pram & Strollers


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After doing some research looking for a wrap/ material carrier that was wearable with ease and not too hot (as Australian summers and baby wearing can be hot stuff)... I narrowed it down but couldn't resist this Pognae Air Mesh in Mosaic grey. When it arrived I was so excited to whip it on. I am so glad I took the plunge and 100% dont regret it. This carrier is so amazing and EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is sooo wonderfully easy to use, totally comfy, does not hurt my back literally has all of what I was looking for. The material is soft, extremely supportive and breathable. My baby loves it! She went to sleep straight away but also had some big smiles in it too and now I can have my hands back for those times when baby wants to be close and snuggled. If your still weighing it up between this or something else you won't regret this purchase its fabulous. ❤❤

My wife & find the wrap carrier easy to use, comfortable for us & baby & baby sleeps so well in it!

The Best carrier for parents!

I am a novice and an elderly mother. I never knew there was such a good baby sling or carrier. In the past, my parents used ordinary cloth to carry the baby and needed work. But today our generation is so lucky and happy because of this designed and manufactured as well as Pognae to reduce the burden and pressure of caring for our babies. I can carry my son go around and even go together with a pram. At first I thought the price was so expensive, but I believed that you get what you pay for, so I bought it. In the end, I think everything is worth it! Plus very fast delivery and customer service is good, Thanks Pognae!


Absolute lifesaver!!!! We would be lost without our Pognae carrier. I have a 3 year old and a newborn who doesn’t like been put down. With no hands available to play and do other things like life chores I came across the Pognae and I didn’t hesitate to order one. It’s been absolutely amazing. Soooo easy to put on and baby AND the mesh air fabric is fantastic. Being a hot person and my beautiful new daughter we get really sticky and hot easy. I was was worried we wouldn’t be able to breath with fabric around us and being so close but it’s amazing. We are both so comfortable and feel we can wear our carrier all day!

Highly highly recommend to everyone

Love this carrier. Bought a Tula first up as a friend recommended but was getting a sore back and couldn't forward face which was not suitable for a very curious bub
This one has so many different carry options plus the hip seat has been a life saver for my back and hips. Was recommended to me by my chiropractor who used it for his baby. Worth the money as I will be able to use it as he gets bigger.