No.5 Plus All-In-One Baby Carrier

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No.5 Plus is Pognae's luxury baby carrier that is suitable from newborn up to 3 years (or 20kgs). It features a water and wind resistant outer fabric, and an organic cotton inner lining that is soft and delicate for your baby's skin.

The No.5 Plus features a "newborn support" which provides secure support for newborns during the first 60 days of life (depending on the size of your baby). 

A new, patented innovation of the No.5 Plus Baby Carrier is that it features a "quiet zipper" which allows you to take off the baby carrier with minimal noise. The baby will no longer be woken up by the sound of Velcro which means successful baby carrier-to-cot transfers!

The No.5 Plus Baby Carrier comes with 2 belts - a baby carrier belt and a hipseat belt which can be interchanged to wear with its shoulder strap attachment. Both belts can carry up to 20kgs. 

  • 2 interchangeable belts (baby carrier belt & hipseat belt)
  • shoulder strap attachment
  • bamboo fibre teething pads
  • bamboo fibre drool bib
  • organic cotton sleeping hood
  • mesh sleeping hood

Recommended: Spot clean with damp cloth as necessary.

Secondary Option: Machine washable in cold water. When washing the hipseat, please remove the inner foam hipseat base. Ensure all buckles are fastened and Velcro are attached before placing in laundry bag for washing. Hang to dry in shaded and well-ventilated area. 

Please see instruction manual for additional washing instructions and cautions. 

Newborn Support

No.5 Plus All-In-One has a built-in newborn support for infants, enabling them to sit comfortably ans securely in the baby carrier.

Patented noiseless zipper for smooth carrier-to-cot transfers

Pognae's patented noiseless zipper technology lets mums & dads remove the baby carrier quietly, without startling the sleeping baby. This makes carrier-to-cot transfers much smoother and less daunting.

Anti-slip seat base for a secure ride

Seat base of the No.5 Plus All-In-One is enhanced with an added layer of anti-slip silicon, preventing the baby from sliding off the hipseat. 

Enhanced support for your hips

We've added 4 x pillars to the belt of the No.5 Plus All-In-One for extra support for mum & dad. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Good product, good delivery

The all in one baby carrier is a good product that we had tested at a retailer before purchasing, so we knew what we were getting before making the order.

The best part about the product is its attention to detail. I've not used any other carriers so I can't say for sure that they're not all the same, but this one has heaps of pockets and practical compartments, nice cushioned seating for the baby, and even cloths attached to the arm straps, perfectly positioned for you to conveniently wipe away baby drool.

It's super secure and feels like a very high quality product.

Amazing in every way


Very excited to try it out

We bought the Pognae No.5 Plus All-In One Baby Carrier when it was on sale on the recommendation of a friend. It arrived promptly and looks really cute. It seems to have everything that you need and made with good quality materials. It important to me that the carrier has the infant insert. I can imagine I will want to keep her close while I move around the house. Our first baby is due end of March 2020 so I will have to update this review once she arrives and we can try it out!

Well made and good quality product

Good quality product, trendy design and comfortable. Strap could be a little bigger but extension is available so not an issue. Overall very happy with our purchase.

Practical carrier with all the extra features

Super comfortable and supportive carrier, with amazing features such as the mesh, the pocket for phone/keys, quiet zipper etc. We love it!!

Excellent customer service and supportive, comfortable carrier

We are thrilled with our new carrier!!! It has been such a great experience with Pognae customer service too. I had some questions about how to position my son and whether he needed the newborn support. The customer service people I spoke to were quick to respond and even let me send photos to make sure I was positioning my son correctly. They couldn’t have been more helpful. The quality of the fabric, the ease of use and super comfy waist support and straps makes this the perfect carrier for us. Our son seems comfy and happy in there and I’m sure as he grows older he’ll enjoy the outward facing position too.
The silent zip off waist band is excellent. As my mum said, “must’ve been designed by a parent!” And I think she’s right. It’s meant easy transfers from carrier to car or bassinet.
Very happy customer here :)

Super light and secure

I bought a No.5 Plus All-In-One in August as my baby girl always wanted to be cuddled before falling asleep (and still now) and I had an issue with my hands and wrists which were stiff and sore.
It was a good choice to buy this baby carrier. I like the design which is pretty, light and has lots of details for babies and parents. I tried the hip seat first and this was very helpful for releasing my hands and forearms.
However, my girl, unfortunately, was not enjoying the seat at that time. I assumed that it is still too big for her to open her legs widely. I am looking forward to using it again after her six months.
Now she is four months and a half and, I and my family use the carrier without hip seat a lot. We feel very light with carrying our baby although she is getting heavier, it is incredible! Moreover, my girl likes to suck its straps and there are separate cotton covers around those areas that are just right for this. I can wash the covers only when they are dirty.
Personally, using this carrier is a lot easier for my situation than my pram which is too heavy to put in my car and take it out!

Best carrier

I bought the Pognae after seeing my friend use it. Initially I was set on the Ergo, but after seeing all the functions and extra accessories (drool pads, hip seat) that the pognae offered, I bought the no 5 instead. Absolutely love it, saves my back, baby is not overheated. I can say it's been one of our best purchases.


The N5+ is a great product,
all the option make it so versatile and comfortable and easy to wear.
The carrier is also really easy to take off while your baby is asleep without having to wake them.
The fact that bib spit pads are included is amazing too.
I’m really happy with this carrier and can definitely recommend it to all parents who love to carry their baby's around on them.

Amazing baby carrier!

Huge fan of Pognae! I used the hip carrier almost everytime we took my daughter out. It's super convenient and doesn't take any time to strap on. It's especially convenient for travelling.

I used just the base mostly because my daughter enjoyed facing forward to look at everything. It's super solid - my daughter would stand on it with ease and it didn't make it difficult for me!

Definitely recommend this to all parents!