NEO No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier

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IN STOCK: Denim Grey
IN STOCK: Denim Blue

The All New Neo No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier is our best-selling No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier upgraded with innovative features to enhance your babywearing experience. 

The Neo No.5 Hipseat Baby Carrier is a 'hip-healthy' product as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. 

What's new and different in the All-New Neo No.5 Hipseat?

  1. Patented quiet zipper waist belt lets you transfer your sleeping baby to the cot without disturbance.
  2. Non-slip silicon seat base.
  3. Enhanced waist support pillars for added comfort
  4. Wider pocket zipper to keep your on-the-go essentials such as phones, cards, cash and keys. 
  5. Duo-lock buckle for extra security.

As with all of our baby carriers, all accessories are included - drool pads, teething pads and two sleeping hood attachments (mesh and organic cotton). 

  • Water and wind-resistant outer
  • 100% organic cotton inner lining
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Light-weight
  • 6 carry positions
  • Back panel rolls down to reveal ultra breathable mesh
  • Wide zipper side pocket (fits a 5.5inch screen phone, cash/cards and keys)
  • Foldable neck support




  • Suitable Age:  For babies from 3 months to 3 years (up to 20 kgs). An infant insert (sold separately) is recommended for newborns. 
  • Waist Size: Up to 40 inches. 
  • Product weight: approximately 725 grams
  • Material: 100% organic cotton (inner lining), cotton (filler), polyester (breathable mesh), non-toxic EPP foam (hipseat), bamboo fibre (teething pad, drool bib), melange fabric (outer).
  • Safety Standards: Certified by KC, CE (European Safety Certification) and SGS
  • Origin: Made in South Korea
  • Hipseat baby carrier
  • bamboo fibre teething pads
  • bamboo fibre drool bib
  • 4-season sleeping hood
  • mesh sleeping hood

Please note: Conscious of our environment, we are no longer printing instruction manuals for our baby carriers. Please refer to THIS PAGE to see our instruction manuals. 


Recommended: Spot clean with damp cloth as necessary.

Secondary Option: Machine washable in cold water. When washing the hipseat, please remove the inner foam hipseat base. Ensure all buckles are fastened and Velcro are attached before placing in laundry bag for washing. Hang to dry in shaded and well-ventilated area. 

Please see instruction manual for additional washing instructions and cautions. 

Patented noiseless zipper for smooth carrier-to-cot transfers

Pognae's patented noiseless zipper technology lets mums & dads remove the baby carrier quietly, without startling the sleeping baby. This makes carrier-to-cot transfers much smoother and less daunting.

Anti-slip seat base for a secure ride

Seat base of the No.5 Plus All-In-One is enhanced with an added layer of anti-slip silicon, preventing the baby from sliding off the hipseat. 

Enhanced support for your hips

We've added 4 x pillars to the belt of the No.5 Plus All-In-One for extra support for mum & dad. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
All of baby's weight on the hips!

I have a bad back, so this was just what I was looking for. My baby is very comfortable in it and doesn't fuss. I usually wear it in front, with baby forward-facing, but I've also tried it as a backpack with baby and it is very comfortable on my back. I would love the company to make an instructional video to demo all the different ways to use it and all of the features it has. It could do with a pocket on the opposite side (I'm right handed and struggle with the left-sided pocket) and the beige baby-sucking attachments should ideally have been made with an inner waterproof layer (as baby's drool soaks through to the carrier). But those are my only complaints. Overall a great carrier that should last us for quite awhile!


Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE our Pognae NEO no.5 hipseat carrier! The carrier is amazing quality and is very thoughtfully designed - I love the removable drool pad and teething pads for easy washing, the side pouch for phone and cards, and the cool mesh panel (especially for this brissie heat!) Our baby is on the heavier side and I love using the hipseat alone while at home. It looks stylish and so easy to put on and to take off. The carrier fits really well and adjusts easily - hubby is 188cm and 90kg and I’m 168cm and 53kg and fits us both really well. It’s easily one of the best purchases we’ve bought for our baby and can’t rave about it enough. We use it on our daily walks, to the shops and at home everyday!

We also own the step one wrap carrier and also loved using it especially while our little one was a newborn. After a bit of research I bought the wrap carrier as I hadn’t heard of pognae before and wanted to see what the quality was like (without committing to the full carrier) and loved it so it was an easy decision to also purchase the no.5 hipseat carrier! We are planning on having another baby and having both these carriers will be perfect!

On top of the carriers being incredible, the customer service is amazing and makes the shopping experience great. Thank you Pognae for the great products but also for saving my back, shoulders and wrist from my heavy baby! LOL! Cannot recommend you enough to my friends who are having babies soon! :)

Omg how I have lived without this

Omg I’m in love best money I have ever spent since having our little one
So comfortable, so comfortable the other day waking out little one fell asleep
The adjustable straps make it easy to fit on and fits both myself and my partner so easily
Would buy again if need be

A weight off my shoulders!

The pognae no. 5 Hipseat Carrier is an ease yo use. The hip seat means my chunky infant is an ease to carry around on bush walks, saving my shoulders from carrying the burden of the weight like with other carriers.

The carrier is lightweight, stylish and the dribble bib and side teethers are a great added touch of luxury.


This is a fantastic carrier. This is the fourth carrier I’ve tried, haven’t been able to find one I’m completely happy with, until now. The hip seat carrier is wonderful for inside, the full carrier for outside, I even go take it to play group where I use it to beast feed discretely. So happy!

Very detailed design

We tried a carrier from a popular brand before, but my baby’s arms and legs are gone red with marks after using it. My baby finds it hard to settle in a pram and she really enjoys to sit on carrier and see us dine. So we definitely need another carrier and we decided to give it a go with Pognae. My baby loves it and it is with cushioning at the arms and legs area which solved the previous problem and the little pocket that allow my husband to carry his personally belongings is very useful. They have bib at the front is another detailed design, but it is nice if they provides extra ones for wash and change.


My son has only wanted to be carried everywhere in our arms for weeks. He’s not a fan of the pram and it’s become tiresome on our arms to hold him everywhere. We purchased the pognae carrier and it’s a game changer! He absolutely loves it. He has fallen asleep in it multiple times and doesn’t complain at all. He’s very happy to just look around and be close to mum or dad. It’s also very comfortable to wear as the parent and easy to put on! I have used just the seat function without strapping him in either and it’s made life so much easier!
Our boy also loves chewing on the teething pads! So happy with our carrier! We always get compliments about it and couldn’t reccomend it any higher!

My Lo loves it!

My son likes to be carried facing out. He is now 16 weeks old. It’s very stylish and my husband really enjoys it too; it’s much more comfortable than the other brand we have previously. I’d also like to mention that the staff was very attentive to my questions before I decided to make a purchase. Highly recommend Neo No. 5


My work girlfriends gave this to me as a pressie! I absolutely love it. My little man can face forward or rest on me. My shoulders and hips don’t have any pressure which is awesome. My son really enjoys being in the carrier, looking around and seeing the world :). Would recommend +++

Love my carrier

I’m loving my new Neo no 5 baby carrier. I ordered on Friday and I received it the next Tuesday. Very happy with the product. I have a 4 year old and this carrier is helping a lot during school run 😀.

★ Customer Reviews

Hear from our customers...

201 reviews
At last, a baby carrier that Bub and I both love!

I’ve tried a number of baby carriers and they were either too complicated or felt like Bub was falling out or too big for him at 5 weeks. I got this one as it feels the best of all worlds and yay! both Bub and I love it. Great purchase 😊


Our little guy hated all the other carriers that we tried , but is very happy in this one. It is also comfortable for us to wear! The pockets in the waste strap and at the front of the pouch are very handy. I highly recommend this

Gets you out and about HANDS FREE

We have some beautiful walking tracks not so pram friendly, this carrier is the perfect hands free option allowing me to still play fetch with the dog.
Soft and comfortable for both me and my husband to wear. Baby just sleeps straight away being against out body. Highly recommend!

After doing some research looking for a wrap/ material carrier that was wearable with ease and not too hot (as Australian summers and baby wearing can be hot stuff)... I narrowed it down but couldn't resist this Pognae Air Mesh in Mosaic grey. When it arrived I was so excited to whip it on. I am so glad I took the plunge and 100% dont regret it. This carrier is so amazing and EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is sooo wonderfully easy to use, totally comfy, does not hurt my back literally has all of what I was looking for. The material is soft, extremely supportive and breathable. My baby loves it! She went to sleep straight away but also had some big smiles in it too and now I can have my hands back for those times when baby wants to be close and snuggled. If your still weighing it up between this or something else you won't regret this purchase its fabulous. ❤❤

My wife & find the wrap carrier easy to use, comfortable for us & baby & baby sleeps so well in it!